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What is Jurnee and how does it work?

Jurnee is the first B2B team building marketplace that enables companies to scale their culture in an increasingly distributed and international environment.

Team leaders can easily compare options, poll their teams and book events, thus enabling HR to spearhead a full scale team building strategy while making sure approval workflows and spend policies are being upheld.

The platform offers access to hundreds of curated activities by partners vetted by the Jurnee team in over 20 cities as well as many virtual options - with new ones being added every week!

What is a team building strategy?

The rise of hybrid and remote work is forcing companies to find new ways to keep their talents engaged and they are turning to team building events to foster strong social human connections as the time spent in the office is drastically reduced.

This means that HR and finance teams now have the responsibility to empower their teams to organise team building events at a scale that they have not previously been used to - at an organisational level, it can amount to tens and often hundreds of events annually.

In order to coordinate so many stakeholders and ensure that communication is clear, companies now need a defined and often international team building strategy encompassing budget, frequency, guidelines, approval processes, payment facilities and visibility on ROI.

Is the Jurnee platform free?

Yes, you can sign up to Jurnee for free and you won't need to pay a subscription fee to continue using the platform. This does not mean however that we do not have a business model ;)

We take a commission fee for all experiences being booked via our platform as we help facilitate the experience discovery, booking and planning. We strive as much as we can to offer activities at market prices or as close to it as possible by collaborating closely with our partners. This means that for many of our experiences, they absorb all or parts of our commission as we're opening more B2B opportunities for them. It's a win-win for our customers and our partners!

Where does Jurnee operate?

Jurnee currently operates in over 20 cities across Europe and the UK with new geographies being opened every month, in addition to supporting virtual activities and box shipping. You can check all of our up-to-date locations directly from our experience page or directly from your dashboard if you already have an account with us by choosing the filter "location".

Should you wish to make a request for a specific city that is not currently listed or if you would like to have additional information, please feel free to contact us directly via our chat, book a demo with us or by sending us an email at [email protected].

We also have a US/Canada waitlist that you can join if you wish to be informed as soon as we’re live in North America!

Using Jurnee

How can I get started on Jurnee?

It’s super easy to get started with Jurnee and here are a few recommendations to make the most of it.

For HR, workplace managers and finance teams exploring Jurnee to potentially release it internally, we recommend booking a quick demo with us so we can show you the platform’s key features, set up a trial and assist with onboarding.

If you’re just looking to set up an activity for your team, you can sign up for free here to access our complete list of activities and ping us in our chat if you have any questions - we’ll be more than happy to assist !

How does Jurnee select activities and partners?

Our activities and partners are closely handpicked and selected by our expert operations team that has extensive experience in the events management industry to ensure that a high level of quality is met on our platform. We also take customer feedback very seriously and remove options when we feel they have not fulfilled their promise in terms of professionalism or experience content.

We’re also able to provide customised risk assessments for our partners and activities to match our customers’ internal processes guidelines. For more information on this, please reach out to us by booking a demo or sending us an email at [email protected].

Can I approve or pay for my team events requests on the platform?

Absolutely and you even have different options to choose what suits you best !

If you wish to pay for an event via credit card, you can either do so yourself during the booking process directly on the platform or invite someone else to review your booking and pay for the event via a secure payment link. All invoices are available directly on our platform so you can easily find them and forward them to your finance team afterwards for accounting purposes or to get reimbursed.

If you wish to pay with a different payment method (wire transfer, SEPA, etc.) or if you are using a specific purchasing policy (PO numbers, etc.) please reach out to us by booking a demo or sending us an email at [email protected] so we can set it up on your account.

How secure is the Jurnee platform?

We strive our best to protect your data and conform to the current EU data requirements. You can have access to our full GDPR compliance policy as well as to our security policy and privacy policy. You can also access our legal terms and conditions directly from our website.

Who are your customers?

We cater to all kinds of teams, from startups to big corporations – some of our biggest clients include Aircall, and Dailymotion. To read what our clients are saying about us you can read their testimonials on our website, our Google reviews or check out our LinkedIn and Twitter pages to see pictures of our past events.

Jurnee Events

How can I book an event for my team?

It’s super easy to book an event with Jurnee: you just need to sign up for free or log in to your existing account to access hundreds of activities both in-person and virtually. Our booking flow takes all of a couple minutes and you can reach out to us at any time if you have any questions via our in-app chat.

You can also decide to get your team’s opinion by creating a collection of a few activities you think would be a good fit from our platform and then create a poll with a magic link to share with your team so they can vote for the activity they prefer.

Can I change my booking after it has been confirmed and paid?

It depends on the changes you wish to make and the activity you have selected ;) For most of our activities, we are able to increase the number of participants if some people wish to join at the last minute. We’ll do our absolute best to make the changes happen if they are in our power so for any inquiries please reach out to us via our in-app chat or send us an email at [email protected] so we can see what we can do !

Can I choose a specific partner or activity that is not on Jurnee?

Absolutely ! If you have a specific partner or activity in mind that you would like to book for your team that is not yet available on our platform but would like us to handle the rest, please let us know directly by writing us in our in-app chat or by sending us an email at [email protected] and we’ll make it work ;).