Increase compliance automatically

  • Empower your teams to run events autonomously while keeping full visibility and control

  • Make it incredibly easy to follow your company event policy with in-app approvals and workflows

  • Ensure that budgets are respected and spent according to your internal guidelines

Delegate autonomy to budget owners

  • Allocate and track event budgets in real time directly on the platform

  • Enable departments to independently manage their event budgets based on their unique needs

  • Gain a 360 view on current event spend across the organisation

Save time & money

  • Only pay for the events you book - no hidden costs, no subscription fees

  • Streamline your payments, centralise your invoices and seamlessly recover VAT when applicable

  • Remove inefficient low-value admin work and get better deals in the process

Maximise your events' value and start tracking your ROI

Leverage events to become an efficient tool to strengthen company culture, unleash new opportunities and grow your business

Evaluate your events' impact

Gain insight on event spend, evaluate outcomes across the organisation and enhance your policies based on data.

Upgrade your employee XP

Streamline internal processes for teams, boost engagement and grant them flexibility while staying in control.

Only pay when you book events

Benefit from transparent prices across the world and get access to exclusive deals from our vendor community.

The event platform every team loves

See how leading companies use Jurnee to build great, consistent employee experiences across multiple offices and remotely while keeping budgets in check and raising their compliance

Annaelle Bondon

〝 It's been amazing to be able to centralise all our events on one seamless platform - teams love it, we get the best value for our events and we're saving hours of admin work every month. 〞

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