Give autonomy while staying in control

  • Seamlessly integrate your event policies into built-in workflows

  • Configure your catalog to ensure your internal guidelines and values are respected

  • Eliminate internal back and forth by sharing key information in real-time on available budget

Foster collaboration to bring your events to life faster & better

  • Give your teams the tools so anyone can start building events easily

  • Enable team leaders to build their events collaboratively

  • Make it easy to get internal validation and bring events to completion faster

Gather your team insights

  • Poll your teams to get insights on their preferences and build momentum

  • Get feedback seamlessly to understand your events’ impact and ROI

  • Keep a history of your events and their reviews to get a better understanding of what works

Gift your teams the power to seamlessly build events

Elevate your organisation's cohesion and effectiveness by fostering stronger connections, both within and outside your company

Build events faster

Enable teams without event planning experience to easily use events as a strategic tool to achieve their objectives.

Create momentum

Foster a fun and collaborative environment that enhances engagement and involvement for all participants.

Streamline internal flows

Facilitate event compliance with company guidelines among teams, eliminating unnecessary internal back-and-forth.

Everyone can now build great events

Gift your company the tools to create engaging events and get team buy-in early in the process all the while saving hours every month by streamlining internal workflows and eliminating the usual planning hassles

Gladys Embolo

〝 Jurnee is my go-to whenever I want to organise an event. I can get my team's input, delegate most of the planning and it drastically cuts down the time to get internal validation. 〞

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